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Welcome to A Letter a Day.

Here, I share some of my favorite letters, memos, and transcripts from Investors (Venture Capitalists, Private Equity Investors, and Hedge Fund Managers) and Operators (Founders and Executives). You can find the full list of letters here. You can also see a rough categorization of everyone I plan to cover here:

This newsletter originally started as a way for me to share some of my favorite primary documents, which I mostly curated from my compilations. Over time, it’s evolved into and branched off into several different projects, including Speedwell Research (buyside research for the buyside), Cloud Valley (biographical stories), and DJY Research (Asia research). You can see my full list of my projects below.

If you’ve got any thoughts, questions, or feedback, please drop me a line - I would love to chat! You can find me on twitter at @kevg1412 or my email at kevin@12mv2.com.

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Sharing notes on a letter a day from my compilations